What a Rotary Hammer Is, and Its Uses

When it comes to the world of power tools, there are so many different models and varieties out there. A rotary drill is a tool that not all people are going to need or are going to benefit from, but it is a tool that certainly has a place. So, what is a rotary hammer, and what might it be used for? Keep reading to find out.

What Is a Roto Hammer?

A rotary hammer is also referred to as a rotary hammer drill, and it is used to help chip away or hammer hard materials. It is not a traditional drill in that it does not make holes necessarily or does not drill holes. Instead, it works to hammer or chip holes and chip away at very hard surfaces. You can think of it as a super mini jackhammer that is hand held.

A roto hammer is a tool that is part of most work sites that use larger tools like jackhammers. You can use a roto hammer at home; you do not have to use them at work sites only, but they are a very common tool at most construction sites.

How To Use a Rotary Hammer

A rotary hammer uses the hammering motion to chip away and make a hole so that the flutes of the drill bit can take away the pieces of whatever hard material it is that the rotary hammer is working to drill. You can use a ton of different drill bits to get a different size hole or to get a different overall effect. 

When it comes to a rotary hammer drills, they are often used to drill holes in very hard material like concrete so that things like rebar can be put in to help support a structure that is being built. Depending on the material you are hammering or the overall purpose of your hammering, you can choose a ton of different bits that will get you the effect and end result you are looking for.

Plenty of different bits can be used to take care of just about any job you have and just about any overall end you are trying to achieve. Now, this is not a tool that most people tend to have in their tool kit, but they are rather useful for bigger jobs.  

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