How To Use a Power Auger


Doing yard work and other projects by yourself is commendable. However, some projects go much more smoothly with the assistance of a mechanical item. A power auger can come in handy if you need to dig holes to create room for a fence or another fixture in the yard.

You can find power augers at home improvement stores and online shops, which can be set up for one or more users. The following are some instructions on how to use a power auger to help you with your project:

Run It

It’s understandable if you need to learn how to start a power auger. The first step in the process is stabilizing the unit on the ground and setting the choke in the "RUN" position. 

Pump It

Next, you’ll need to look for the primer bulb and pump that several times. You are done priming it when you see the fuel line. 

Set the Choke

The manufacturer’s guide provides instructions on setting the choke, which might be different for every model. Thus, you’ll need to refer to your guide and set the choke the way it explains. Typically, you will put it to "FULL CHOKE" if the engine is cold and "HALF CHOKE" for a warm engine. 

Turn It On

Now your auger needs a little power. Hence, you need to turn the ignition to the "ON" position to start. 

Pull and Squeeze

The next step requires you to do two activities at once. Master this, and you’ll know how to start an auger appropriately. 

You’ll need to pull the start cord while you squeeze the throttle. Ensure that you keep your feet away from the auger while trying to start it because it will be engaged and can cause bodily harm. Steer clear enough to avoid injuries when it starts. 


Avoid squeezing the throttle too much at first. The goal should be to squeeze it just enough to pierce the ground. Let it get into the ground a few inches before applying additional pressure to the throttle. Once you do that, you and the other person can get into a digging groove. 

Tips for Using an Auger Effectively

These are some tips to be mindful of as you use the power auger:

Don’t Work Too Hard

The machine is there to make your work easier. Thus, you don’t need to put a tremendous amount of power into operating it. Let its weight handle the load. 

Remove Dirt Periodically

You should stop the machine every now and again and then pull it out to remove some of the dirt. This simple process will make the work a lot easier for you. 

Remove Difficult Objects With Your Hands

Stop the machine if you come across any challenging objects like rocks. Pull them out of the way with your hands, and be careful when doing so. 

Rake and Shovel Extra Dirt

Rake and shovel the extra dirt you pull out of the hole to avoid damaging your grass. Your yard will thank you for it. 

Use the process and tips mentioned above to use your power auger effectively. Your tasks should be much more manageable that way.