Rental Equipment to Kickstart Your Spring Cleaning Projects

Moving from winter to spring is often a relief to many. Not only is the weather becoming much more ideal, but it also gives you the opportunity to do some spring cleaning. From fixing the landscaping, pressure washing the driveways, and removing unwanted vegetation, all these are projects you should consider. While you may not have the equipment to do all this, you can rent, then return once you are done. When it comes to spring equipment rental, here is what you need.

Brush Chippers

Have you noticed some brush growing around your property? Spring is the right time to clean up. A brush chipper will help cut down branches, tree limbs, overgrowth, and other debris into tiny wood chips. You can even use the final product as mulch for your garden.

Pressure Washers

With spring coming in, you will notice some buildup of dirt and mildew around your driveway or porch. A cold-water pressure washer will do an efficient job of removing this buildup as you welcome the new season.

Skid Steer

Skid steering machines are versatile machines that can help with many things, such as digging, carrying debris, and transporting materials. Get one to move logs and brush after a landscaping project.

Landscape Rakes

After winter, you will notice your property is covered with unwanted debris and materials. A landscape rake can help you remove these materials. It also gets the job done faster than if you are using a hand rake, especially if you have a large property.


Boom lifts are for those areas around your home that are hard to reach, such as the roof. They will ensure you can safely repair your roof and gutters and clean them. Plus, you can control the machine to different elevation levels.


Tillers will help prepare your property for landscaping projects involving plants and gardening. It helps aerate and plant new soil.

Stump Grinder

Stumps can be such an eyesore around your property and a safety hazard. A stump grinder will get rid of those tree parts, leaving your property looking appealing and safe.


A mulcher allows you to eliminate unwanted vegetation. If you have pruned some areas around your landscape and want to mulch it, try this equipment. You can use it for brush clearing and land reclamation if you have an overgrown area that you want to put to good use.

Walk-Behind Trencher

Walk-behind trenchers are ideal for lawn preparation. You can use it when installing fencing, lighting, an irrigation system, and pruning tree roots.


Augers are used to dig holes. If you are ready to install a new fence around springtime, you will need an auger. While you can do the job using other tools in your shed, equipment renal is a much better alternative as it will get the job done quickly.


Excavators are compatible with different attachments, and this makes them efficient and versatile. Use a small or mini excavator to dig throughout your property.

Backhoe Loaders

Backhoe loaders also have many uses and are compatible with different attachments, making them valuable in spring cleanup projects. You can use them to move material such as soil or push earth using a backhoe loader.

For your equipment rental needs, reach out to Ram Rent-All, Inc. We will provide you with quality equipment to ensure your spring cleaning projects go smoothly. Our extensive equipment selection includes gardening and lawn tools, and construction equipment. Give us a call today.