Key Safety Practices for at Home Car Maintenance

Maintaining and fixing your vehicles helps to save you lots of money. It also gives you peace of mind to know that you have a perfectly maintained vehicle that is reliable and affordable to drive.

Many home mechanics have well-equipped garages and toolsets to perform a variety of maintenance and repairs. But some will maintain or repair their vehicles in dangerous ways. A quick review of home car repair safety practices can help you stay healthy while keeping your car running well.

Minimize the Dangers

You need to work in a safe environment to do your best work and avoid injury or possibly death. An improperly maintained vehicle could seriously injure or kill you in many ways. Just letting the vehicle idle inside your garage could cause you to suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Among the most common extreme dangers is getting under a vehicle while it is held up with just a car jack. You need to use jack stands to support your vehicle and ensure a safe workspace underneath. Chocking the wheels will help to prevent accidental rolling while you are under it.

A clean garage will help you to work efficiently and quickly. It also will help to prevent tripping or slipping and falling accidents. If you have an oil or gas spill, some kitty litter can help to absorb it for easy cleanup. It also will help to prevent slipping and falling or possibly setting your garage on fire.

Use the Right Tools for the Job

The right tools will help you to work safely and do quality work. If you do not have the right tool to do the job correctly, you might try to improvise with tools and other items not intended for the task. Using the wrong tool will make the job much harder while increasing your danger levels.

You should be careful with open flames, too. Something as simple as flicking a lighter while checking the oil level is a bad way to obtain a source of light. But it is a good way to start an accidental fire that could cause injury or destroy your vehicle and home.

If you do not have the right tools, you should try to borrow them or buy them. If they are expensive, you likely could rent them from a parts supplier or a local hardware store.

Tool Rentals Ensure You Can Do the Job Right

Some tools are needed only once in a great while by most home mechanics. But when you need that tool and do not have one, your work comes to a sudden halt.

Some of those tools are very expensive, too. Paying lots of money for a tool that you rarely use does not make sense. But renting that tool does.

We provide a variety of commonly needed tools for rent. Our available auto repair tool rentals include lifts, hoists, and specialty tools.