The Bare Basics of Lawncare Equipment

Maintaining your lawn is important not only for your property’s value and aesthetics but also for general health and hygiene in your home. Without a doubt, it is ideal for you to keep it trimmed, pruned, and looking fresh, so you can fully enjoy the benefits of it to you and your home. 

Understandably, however, it can get really tedious and overwhelming. Not to mention the fact that you need to invest in the proper lawn care equipment. After all, how well you’re able to work on the upkeep of your lawn will also depend on how efficient your tools are. 

To prepare you for the chore, here are some of the basic lawn care equipment you should know about.

Lawn Mower

You can’t talk about lawn care maintenance without talking about the lawn mower. This is the most common equipment you will find for this particular task. Now, there are many different types of mowers, so you need to get to know about each of them to know which is the best option for your lawn. 

Power mowers, obviously, are the top choice for heavy-duty work. But because people are turning to more sustainable options, reel mowers from older times are seeing a comeback. If you’re conscious about your environmental impact, then this might be something worth looking into. 

String Trimmers and Edgers

You know those hard-to-reach areas in your lawn that the mower can’t get to? You’ll need string trimmers for that. Again, there’s a good variety of options for this equipment. You can either get it as a battery-operated unit or a gas-powered one. 

The best part about the string trimmers is that it is very easy to maneuver, so you can easily get rid of the grass growing in garden beds, or even along walls and fences. If you’d rather not use string trimmers, which are typically made of a fast-whipping nylon string for high-precision cutting, then you can resort to good ol’ and handy scissors.

Similarly, you can also use edgers to clear off lawns, pathways, sidewalks, and more. It’s not used as regularly, though, but it does come in handy for a much finer trim. 


Trimming or clearing your lawn is only half the battle. Where you put the discarded grass and leaves also matter in lawn care maintenance. It’s going to take you forever if you simply rake them all into a pile. 

For better efficiency, therefore, use a vacuum or blower. This way, you can gather the debris into a pile faster, and then simply follow up with the rake after for a more thorough clean.

These are but some of the more basic equipment you’ll need to take care of your lawn. If you’re not too sure you’d want to invest in these, then you don’t have to worry because you can get them from a lawn care equipment rental shop. 

Get in touch with your local lawn care equipment store to find the tools you need.