What You Should Consider before Renting a Utility Trailer

A trailer is a versatile piece of equipment to expand storage capabilities on a job site and so much more. If you are considering investing in a rental for your next project, it is probably a good idea to plan ahead and consider your options. If you are wondering what to know before renting a trailer, read on for some useful tips.

Tips for Renting a Utility Trailer

Think about this before renting a trailer:

Consider the Type of Trailer

The type of trailer you need is extremely important. You can manage operations and costs more efficiently by choosing the right type of trailer that suits your needs. Since you will find that you have many trailer types to choose from, you can easily narrow down your options according to the demands of your job. For example, will you use the trailer as a shelter or office space? Will you be using it to store building materials? These are important questions to ask while considering the type of trailer you need.

Necessary Insurance

When you rent a piece of equipment, anything can happen. In the event of unforeseen damage or accidents, having rental insurance is important. Before choosing a trailer, you should ensure that you have the necessary insurance and that it is current. This will help keep your business’s finances protected so you can rest easy.

Choose an Option that Suits Your Budget

Your applications may revolve around your finances if you are like most fleet managers. Every transaction should fit into a certain budget. Trailer rentals can help cut the costs of the fleet by enabling you to pay for the only time you need them. Many dealers offer flexible options for renting, such as daily, weekly, monthly, and long-term options.

Pickup or Delivery?

Rental dealers offer pickup and delivery services to make retrieving the trailer as easy as possible. Before you set up any terms with a rental company and make a deal, it is important that you speak with your local dealer to figure out the options they have available. These options can potentially save you time and money. Delivery services can provide a big advantage if you are rushing to complete a task.

Choose High-Quality Utility Trailer Brands

Since your trailer will be used to transport essential and valuable items, it is important that you partner with a rental company that can offer high-quality products you can trust. These trailers should be used for some of the most demanding applications.

Upon your search, you will find utility trailers with deck weights and lengths to meet any hauling application you desire. All models will consist of a superior design and have high-quality components. These features will ensure maximum safety and simple use.

Most Common Uses For Scissor Lifts

What do people use scissor lifts for? If you intend to buy a scissor lift, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of how you will make maximum use of this equipment. As it stands, most individuals have been buying various equipment without sufficient knowledge on how to make maximum use of these components. So, what does a scissor lift do?

1. Working on Sloped Land

You’ll discover that a scissor lift is beneficial when dealing with sloped land. The fact that it has a large platform makes it ideal for working in such an environment. For instance, if you need to work on gutters or any other area high up, this equipment will come in handy. All you have to do is position the platform at a level that is comfortable for you to work on.

2. Cleaning High Objects

Are there any high objects in your commercial or industrial premises that require cleaning? If so, you can use a scissor lift to clean such objects. This is because the platform this equipment provides will enable you to reach high places easily. All you need to do is ensure that the platform is correctly locked in position before starting to clean.

3. Moving Heavy Objects

Need to move heavy objects from one place to another? A scissor lift will make your work easier. This is because this equipment provides a stable platform to place heavy objects. Moving heavy objects has not always been easy, but you can do it easily with a scissor lift. However, avoid moving objects that are too heavy as this might damage the equipment.

4. Reaching High Places

There are times when you will need to carry out repairs or do some installations in high places. If this is the case, a scissor lift will come in handy, enabling you to reach such places quickly. This means you will not have to struggle too much trying to reach such places when you have a scissor lift. It will be more effortless and smoother to attend to the task in high places without wasting time.

5. Inspection of Machinery

Machinery inspection is not one of the most straightforward tasks. As you have already noticed, you must work hard and, in some cases, even put your life at risk to inspect some of the machines. However, you can do it without putting your life on the line with a scissor lift. A simple scissor lift machine will help you to accomplish this objective even without having to work extremely hard to accomplish this objective.


A scissor lift is a multipurpose machine that can help you to accomplish various tasks on your commercial or industrial premises. However, before you buy one, you must understand how you will be using it. This is because different scissor lifts are designed for different purposes. As you will discover, a scissor lift can be used to work on sloped land, clean high objects, move heavy objects, reach high places and inspect the machinery. Contact Ram Rent-All, Inc. for all your equipment rental needs.

Tips For Operating A Forklift Safely

As a plant and machinery operator, you must know how to safely operate a forklift. This is one of the most critical pieces of machinery you will be operating in this industry, and you have to be aware of all the necessary safety aspects. It’s the only standard approach that will be essential in minimizing some of the workplace injuries that have increased in recent times. Here are some essential tips how to operate a forklift. 

1. Know the Forklift Class

The first thing you need to be aware of is that there are different types of forklifts, and they are classified according to their intended use. There are three broad categories: electric motor hand trucks, internal combustion engine trucks, and electric motor rider trucks. Each type of truck has its own set of safety requirements that must be adhered to. For example, an electric motor hand truck cannot be used on an incline.

2. Get Trained and Certified

You must receive the proper training before operating a forklift. Many employers will provide this training, but you can also take a certification course. Once you have been trained, make sure you are familiar with the forklift controls and how to use them properly. Remember, training and certification are not enough. You must also be able to demonstrate your proficiency in operating the forklift. This is the only way to provide optimum safety while operating this equipment.

3. Inspect the Forklift Daily

You should inspect the forklift every day before using it. This includes checking the brakes, steering, tires, hydraulics, and chains. Ensure that all safety devices are in working order and that there are no fluid leaks. If you notice any problems, report them to your supervisor immediately. You should avoid operating a forklift if it is not in good working condition, as this can put you and those around you at risk.

4. Wear the Proper Safety Gear

When operating a forklift, you need to wear the proper safety gear. This includes a hard hat, safety glasses, and gloves. You should also wear closed-toe shoes to avoid crushing your feet if something falls on them. In addition, you should be aware of your surroundings and ensure that there is no loose clothing or jewelry that can get caught in the machinery.

5. Follow the Proper Procedures

Specific procedures must be followed when operating a forklift. For example, you should always approach a load from the front and never try to lift something too heavy. In addition, you should keep your fingers and hands away from the chains and never stand under a load that is being lifted. These are just a few of the many safety procedures that you need to follow when operating a forklift.


Operating a forklift is a big responsibility, and you must take the necessary steps to do it safely. By following the tips above, you can help to create a safe work environment for yourself and those around you. Remember, workplace safety is everyone’s responsibility. Contact Ram Rent-All, Inc. for more information on forklift safety.

The Beginner’s Guide to Generators

Generators are fixtures on construction sites, but you will also find homeowners who keep them at home. Many people consider them essential pieces of equipment, and you may be wondering why that’s the case.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of generators and the value they could offer to you. We will also discuss the different types of generators so you can determine which one works best for your intended application.

The Different Applications of a Generator

The main purpose of a generator is to provide power. It can provide power in areas and situations where it may not be accessible otherwise. That’s why you’ll commonly see generators used on construction sites.

High-powered generators are also capable of juicing up heavy machinery. In situations where overloading an existing electrical system is a concern, using a generator can be a wise move.

At home, generators can be used to provide backup power during blackouts. If you live in a part of the country that is affected by strong hurricanes somewhat regularly, then you should consider keeping a generator at home.

You can also take generators on the road. Bring one along during your family camping trip so you can enjoy some basic amenities while you’re out marveling at the wild world around you.

The Different Types of Generators

Before you purchase or rent any type of generator, you should first be certain of what you need. Different types of generators are available, so making the right choice is important. Listed below are some of the more common types of generators that are currently available.

Gasoline Generators

Gas generators are very easy to find. Powering them up is also not an issue since the fuel you need is easily accessible.

You should also consider choosing a gas generator if you want to save some money. They are significantly more affordable compared to the alternatives.

Natural Gas Generators

If you want a generator that operates cleanly and efficiently, you will love natural gas generators. You can even save money on natural gas generators because the fuel they need is pretty cheap.

However, these generators need to be connected to gas lines. They can only be used at fixed locations because of that.

Diesel Generators

The main selling point of a diesel generator is its longevity. You can expect your diesel generator to last for a long time even if you use it regularly.

Unfortunately, diesel generators are known for releasing harmful emissions. Account for that before deciding if you want a diesel generator at home.

Standby Generators

Standby generators are the ones that automatically kick in when the power goes out. Typically, standby generators are hooked up to large establishments.

Don’t worry about getting a standby generator if you just need something to use at home. They are way too troublesome to maintain and use for home usage.

Portable Generators

To round out the list, we have portable generators. These portable generators are useful on camping trips as they can power up essential appliances and devices.

Portable generators can also use different types of fuel. Make sure the model you’re getting uses the kind of fuel you prefer.

Purchasing a generator can protect your household during power outages and other emergencies. If you just need one for a weekend camping trip, look at generator rentals instead. Find the portable power you need by going through all your rental options.

All About the World’s Largest Bulldozers

For a good reason, bulldozers are one of the world’s most popular pieces of equipment. These massive machines can tackle various tasks, from clearing land for construction to demolishing buildings. While many think bulldozers are primarily used for construction, these machines can also be used for rental equipment. Bulldozer rental is a popular option for those who need to use this equipment but don’t want to purchase it outright. Here are the biggest bulldozers in the world and their specs.

1. ACCO Super Bulldozer

The ACCO Super Bulldozer is one of the largest bulldozers in the world, measuring an impressive 11 feet wide and 41 feet long. This machine weighs a whopping 200 tons and is powered by a pair of Caterpillar diesel engines that produce a combined 3,000 horsepower. The ACCO Super Bulldozer can clear land at a rate of up to five acres per hour. It also features a six-way blade that can be used for various tasks, including grading, excavating, and leveling.

2. Komatsu D575A-3SD

The Komatsu D575A-3SD is another massive machine that comes 10.5 feet wide and 40.5 feet long. This bulldozer weighs 150 tons and is powered by a single Caterpillar diesel engine that produces 2,650 horsepower. Its features make it one of the most versatile bulldozers on the market, with the ability to clear land at a rate of up to four acres per hour and featuring a six-way blade integral to the design.

3. Caterpillar D11 Dozer

Featuring a Cat C32 engine that produces 1,150 horsepower, the Caterpillar D11 Dozer is a bit smaller than some other bulldozers on this list. However, it’s still a powerful machine that can clear land at a rate of up to two acres per hour.

This bulldozer is also outfitted with a six-way blade that can be used for grading, leveling, and excavating tasks. It features a ROPS cab that protects the operator from rollovers, making it a safe option for use on construction sites.

4. John Deere 1050K Dozer

This is one of the best bulldozers for those who want a powerful and maneuverable machine. The John Deere 1050K Dozer is equipped with a John Deere PowerTech engine that produces 1,050 horsepower.

The bulldozer can clear land at a rate of up to two acres per hour and features a six-way blade that can be used for grading, leveling, and excavating. It also has a ROPS cab that protects the operator from rollovers.

5. Liebherr PR 764 Litronic Dozer

The uniqueness of this bulldozer comes from its design. The Liebherr PR 764 Litronic Dozer is two machines in one, each half capable of operating independently. This allows the operator to use one half of the machine for tasks such as grading and excavating while the other half is used for leveling or hauling material. It is suitable for various projects, making it a versatile option for those in the construction industry.


At Ram Rent-All, Inc., we offer a wide variety of equipment rental, including bulldozers. Our machines are powerful and easy to operate, making them perfect for any construction or landscaping project. We also have a wide selection of other equipment available, so we have you covered no matter what your needs may be. Contact us today to learn more about our equipment rental options.